More Dartmouth Fun

Mix up a cocktail with a special recipe from Pine and host a dance party with your favorite nostalgic jams. Rather do something more mindful? Pour your own cup of tea just like they do at Sanborn. Don't forget to save room for a few pancakes from Lou's.

Party Essentials 

A virtual weekend playlist

Get Your Groove On

The good thing about a virtual dance party is that you can dance like no one is watching—because they aren’t! We curated a Spotify playlist featuring alumni favorites and top songs from throughout the decades.

Weekend Playlist

dartmouth trivia

Dartmouth Trivia on Instagram

How well do you know your alma mater? Hop over to the Dartmouth Alumni Instagram account beginning Thursday, June 17th, follow us, and click on the “Dartmouth Trivia” highlight on our profile.

Trivia Time!

an aerial shot of campus including baker tower

Green Up Your Zoom Backgrounds

Download all your favorite Dartmouth scenes and upgrade your Zoom meetings.



Food & Drink 

an amber colored cocktail in an old fashioned glass

Dartmouth (Highbrow)

Amber decadence meets New Hampshire woodsiness in this delightfully simple but tasty cocktail.

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a stack of pancakes with syrup dripping down the sides

Pancakes at Lou's

Is there anything better than waking up to a giant, fluffy buttermilk pancake from Lou's?

Get Flippin!

a tea cocktail in a glass garnished with a cinnamon stick

Tea at Sanborn

A Dartmouth tradition that dates back to the 1800s, tea at the Sanborn House Library is served every weekday by a student server. Inspired by the elegant four o'clock ritual, host tea time from home with this unique recipe.

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folded Dartmouth sweatshirts on display

Stock Up on New Dartmouth Gear

No weekend at Dartmouth (virtual or not) is complete without a trip to the Dartmouth Coop to check out what's new.

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